My Tuiste. My Home. Mi Hogar.Ikhaya lam.

Welkom. Welcome. Bienvenido. Wamkelekile apha.

Good afternoon, beautiful souls and welcome to my, your and our home away from home.

It is around 12 noon 11 January 2019, here in Colombia. It is a beautiful day out and the perfect time to officially but informally welcome you to one of my many homes. The blog +the home = The blome. Welcome blome!

For most of us home is a house. The physical structure with rooms, doors, windows and a roof. My home is me. I am home. I am home to myself and to others. Many people from around the world have found comfort and safety in my presence which I understand and believe, is a unique gift. It is something that I was blessed with and something that is very powerful to know and be responsible for.

I have an  affirmation / mantra / reminder,that I composed, written on the wall of my room in my studio apartment that reads: ‘Where I am HEALTHY. I am HAPPY. Where I am HAPPY. I am HOME. HOME is where the HEART is. Flourish.’

I wrote this to myself as not only a mental notification but also a spiritual affirmation that where I am, I am home. If I travel to the coast for a few days with my close friends, they are my home. If I have to get on a bus to go to Bogotá, I am still at home. If one of my friends need a place to crash for a few days while they are getting settled in, moving house or dealing with some personal stuff, I am their home. Vice versa, if I need a place to crash for a few days,weeks or even months,wherever I end up, I am home.

So, if we are HAPPY and  HEALTHY, that is what it feels like to be at home, with your parents, pets, friends and possessions. As we grow, we discover that this sense of being at home is all within us and around us in our environment and circles of socialization.

I started this blog on 8 January 2019 as a means of getting my creative juices flowing. A way of leaving a legacy to other hopeful and fierce solo travelers and expats. I aim to use this platform to share my personal experiences as well as those of others to help us, encourage us, keep our heads held high and of course to glow up.

I am not an expert nor  a know- it- all but I am actively and intentionally living, loving and learning from and with life and love. I strongly believe that all of us are inter -connected. We all have something to offer to each other in some way, shape or form.

With our multitude of languages and cultures there are so many commonalities that we will come to know once we completely and consciously open up to the world and give to give.

I am quite introverted, but this also means that I am hyper creative,so this is good. Our differences make us connect on levels that we can embrace rather than reject.

What kind of personality do you identify with? How do you find or classify being at home? What do you do to always feel at home while you are living abroad or traveling? Do you carry photos of loved ones with you in your wallet? Do you have greeting cards in your display cabinet or do you have a piece of jewelry that someone special gave to you, that you wear whenever you miss home?

Whatever you have been doing and whatever has been working, keep using that method if it is healthy and makes you happy.

To all the newbie expats, welcome to the world! Literally welcome to the world. This is our community. You could end up in a country like China, NEVER imagining that you would meet Russians, (Inner) MongoliansZambiansGambians, Brazilians,(South) Koreans, Japanese, Kenyans ,Somalis, Malawians, Ghanaians, Polish, French, Colombians, Namibians, Batswana, Caribbeans, CongoleseDjiboutians, Ethiopians, Senegalese, Angolans, Portuguese, South Sudanese,Gabonese ,Ugandans , Ivorians , Tunisians,Uzbekistanis,Indians,Germans,Irish,Lithuanians,Dutch,Spanish,Australians,Guyanese and the list goes on. These are the nationalities and regions  that I am able to recall now off the top of my head, but it just shows us how in one country, we will be introduced to many, many, many  other countries and islands. Is that not mind-blowing?

I think it is amazing! It is amazing that a solo explorer has the opportunity of meeting the world within a country but without metaphysical borders. As I have been traveling for  nearly seven years, I travel differently. I say that because I travel through people. And I love that I have been able to do that and will continue to do so for as long as it is possible.

Once again, I welcome all of you, wherever you find yourselves right now. This journey is one of no judgment, no expectations, no complaints, only lessons and blessings, no limits and all smiles!

With Love and Light

From Skylar


Talk soon and feel free to share this with your own communities if you think it will serve and guide you on your travels.

And remember to keep glowing!

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