Meet Lin(zi) The Lightworker, a passionate photographer from our Klein Dorpie WENtaliteit © movement AND our WOW for August 2020

” In times of darkness. Focus on the light.”

  Lights ! Camera ! Passion !

Meet Lin, affectionately known as Linzi, The Lightworker. She is a proud mommy of two beautiful souls and wife to one kind-hearted man. Linzi is an integral element to our Klein Dorpie WENtaliteit © movement. She has already carved out her own path as a professional photographer and business owner of Palm Photography and HOP ( House of Pixels). With more than a decade of experience under her belt, she is no newcomer to this movement of acclaimed and accomplished wintalists ( a person with a winner’s mindset).

Lin is now stepping into a new era with kikisbylin, her latest venture which promises to offer an innovative approach to the age-old art of capturing life and love’s most precious moments with her most beloved tool. Her camera and all the fun that comes with it!

Let’s take a peek at what she has done for the last 15 years as well as what’s to come!

little boy in amphitheatre
The Oude Libertas Amphitheatre in Stellenbosch has seen thousands of faces, from different walks of life and all over places. Thanks to Lin’s expert eye, we get a front-row seat to this today.

In this photo, Lin’s eye perfectly captured how important the arts are to one’s cultural development. As we continue living and loving in lock- down, she felt really honoured and proud of all her years of work. This year has taught her how fortunate she has been to have captured so many scenes from so many locations that we currently can not visit because of social distancing.

Lin also spent some time shooting at Arts Cape Theatre in Cape Town where she had a front row seat of all the action as well as a backstage pass as events photographer. I would imagine that this must have been a once in a lifetime experience for her and she must have enjoyed it to the fullest! Her love for the arts and her love for photography was perfectly brought together through this stage of her career.

” Nothing beats going to a live show to watch local and international talent perform musical or theatrical pieces that convey our stories. And all our stories are so unique and beautiful that it deserves to be preserved in a photo as timeless as these ones. Being in lockdown makes one realise how privileged and fortunate we are to have all these spaces in South Africa. No matter how big or small these spaces might be, where there is art, there is life.”

Lin is passionate about her heritage and enjoys celebrating others’ heritage with them through her photography

Mother Nature, powerful voices, traditional African attire and joyous smiles!
There is beauty in every moment, even the sacred ones shine with dignity and respect.


Lin has been such an inspiration to myself and many others who know her personally and professionally. My intuition told me to shift it up a gear and crown her as the inspiration for the nation during the lockdown as well.

Not only is she a true wintalist, but she also inspires everyone around her on a daily basis. She is the sister you wish you had, the best friend you are blessed to have in your corner, no matter which corner of the world you are in AND she is generous and selfless with her talents and skills, when it comes to her community, family, business and photography.

Stunning photography that’s known for her energy signature of being filled with creativity, joy and longevity. Many of her shots also take you around the world where you get to sit and enjoy the sweetness of life!

Once she picked her passion her passion placed her in every stage of life.


Linzi’s passion for photography started in primary school. It was in high school that she started playing around with the camera. She always had the most creative setups to practise her shots with. Her subjects were almost always close friends, family members, pets or her immediate surroundings.

skylarglowsup: Where does your passion for photography come from and how have you evolved as a photographer in the last decade and a half?

” I don’t really know. I remember that my godmother used to take photos of us. She was the photographer in the family. There were always photos where our heads were missing from the shots but I was always chuffed with our family photos.  My mother also used to take photos of us, so I think that is where I picked it up. I loved the whole developing process and getting my negatives printed out was the most exciting part of it all !

When I think about it now, it was probably a huge waste of money spent on all my photos but my parents were always happy to foot the bill. I am forever grateful to them for always encouraging me and supporting my passion for photography. “

She soon realised that portraiture was her glow zone. She loved how she could capture people’s memories with nothing but her creativity, a camera and some film.

YES ! When Lin started her photography career, cameras still used film and negatives needed to be printed onto photo paper in order for her subjects to come to life in the timeless pieces of Lin’s visual art. Back then, her clients had to wait for weeks in anticipation for their photos and enlargements to be printed out and delivered to them. Tens of thousands of prints passed through her hands to reach so many happy hearts. Now that is true artistry and passion!

Wow ! Just Wow!

If I had to describe Linzi in one word it would be W.O.W ! In my experience, she is a Woman of Wonder, a Woman of  Worth and a Woman of Worship. She faces life’s challenges head-on, she values herself and stays true to herself and her family and she is a woman of faith.She does not falter even when life’s ups and downs happen.

As we all know, God works in mysterious and inspirational ways and when she acknowledges her WOW, other women discover their WOW too!

And yes, I am choosing to celebrate her as a woman, a beloved friend, a brilliant photographer and so much more, because us women forget that we are all in this life together, even when we are apart. We forget to appreciate and celebrate others wins and very often we forget to support each other emotionally.

It’s important that we try to be there for each other as best as we can when we can. Another woman’s presence is so important at this time. If the lock-down has taught me anything, it has taught me to show my gratitude to the many WOW’s in my life. Thanks to Lin, this is a kind remindHer to love and uplift ourselves, our sisters, mothers, cousins, partners and girl children.

Celebrate our femininity, our unique looks, our smiles, our milestones and our sacred bonds!

skylarglowsup: What makes a winner and how can other women empower themselves and each other by following a winner’s mentality in 2020,during lock-down and beyond?

” Help each other when and where you can. In doing so, you also feel uplifted. We tend to think that we should only help each other financially, or that that is the only problem that many of us face,but there are other ways to help and show support. Knowledge and information is the new trend. Find your niche and don’t follow the crowd. Remember, if you are out and about, to wear your mask, go and seize the day armed with sanitizer and a smile.”

skylarglowsup :You are such an inspiration to many near and far, what or who personally inspires you and why?

When I see that people from small towns succeed then I feel inspired to continue with my successes as well.”

Charles cropped
Charles Snr. Palm. One of Pniël’s treasures, the Klein Dorpie where Lin is from. He is also her late and greatest grand dad!
Mr Williams owner of SONSKYN winkel in Pniël. I remember going to his shop for sweets and biltong as a child. What fond memories those were.

The senior citizens of Pniël are all carriers and custodians of this small town’s history, development, successes and growth. Lin is always very proud to showcase and capture her town in all it’s phases as well. From the river to the shops, there is character and a story to tell and you can witness this through her photos.


Families: Blended, mixed, extended, young, old, far and wide. No matter the size, the shape, the shade or the age of a person, all of us are a family. Each of us are a member of a family unit or a community and all of our memories are beautiful memories to capture, treasure and celebrate. Linzi has photographed so many beautiful families and one can see that she values family as well.

skylarglowsup: How has being a wife and mother of two changed the way you capture memories and shooting other people’s life stages and milestones?

“It has changed to such an extent that I could no longer take photos. Slowly but surely I am busy making a come back, thanks to COVID-19. I notice the small things now and I am taking things slow. My kids actually allow me to enjoy and capture life as it happens. I am able to take photos of them doing ordinary things, but in actuality, they are huge milestones for them and they will one day be able to look back and see how much fun we had even during a worldwide pandemic and lock-down.

Looking at all these photos makes one truly appreciate what we so often take for granted. From being newlyweds to having the whole family in the same place or having your funky aunty with tattoos sitting outside at one of the family gatherings while the nieces and nephews are running around. Even going on an excursion with all the generations to explore nature. It makes you marvel at how amazing life really is and how little we need to experience joy in our hearts.

Each of us are a branch on the tree of life and each of us bare fruits that offer sustenance to those around us. Our smiles, our quirks, our postures, our hair and our eyes all make us beautiful, extraordinary beings. We are lucky to have each other to walk along side each other in life. We get to celebrate our birthdays together in all kinds of creative ways and our family potraits, if we are fortunate enough get captured by photographers as talented and dedicated as Lin.

“Taking pictures is savouring life intensely every hundrenth of a second.”– Mark Riboud-

LZP 0040
There is something sacred about a new family. How mommy, daddy and baby fit perfectly together by the gentle touch of hands and feet.
LZP 0041s
We speak our first words with our bodies. that’s our soul language. The universal language of love.
LZP 0070BW
Our fondest memories are planted in our hearts when they are tiny enough to fit our laps.

As Lin’s talent developed so did her portfolio. She had hit many professional milestones and worked on many projects that exposed her lens to the likes of theatre, fashion, weddings, maternity, lifestyle, family, landscape and her favourite, portraiture.

She always had the most fun while she knew the energy of each event was meant to celebrate each of life’s phases and stages and that every phase and stage was significant to the observer and the subject.

”  A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye”.- Roger Kingston

Lin has mastered the art of saving the best for the rest of our lives. If you can connect to her images the way others do, you’ll discover how much each photo has to say. I have sat for hours looking through her photos and I always come across many that take my breath away or stop me dead in my tracks when I am able to realise how powerful one image can be. Especially when it is able to capture places that stood the test of time.


one of the oldest shops in Stbosch. oom samie se winkel
Oom Samie se winkel is one of the oldest shops in Dorp street, Stellenbosch. A true monument of student life.

It’s amazing how much Linzi has captured in the last decade and a half. The select few photos showcased today truly deserves to be celebrated. Her craft also deserves to be celebrated now and beyond. I can’t wait to see what the next decade will reveal and how her lens will adapt to the times that we are in.

skylarglowsup :How did Kiki’s by Lin come about?

My business name used to be Palm Photography because I love my maiden name and what it represents but there are already other companies with the same name. When I opened my Instagram account it was a fun and playful name. And my page is a space where I could share my day to day life with my kids, husband and our family dog(s).”

This has been a true pleasure to curate,write, celebrate and showcase Lin’s photographs. This women’s month is the first of a new decade and a new dawn for South African women. Especially women from klein dorpies ( small towns) the reason being that all of us are embracing our talents and not letting it go to waste. We are also coming to realise that we inspire each other without even knowing it,so I hope Linzi’s story of inspiration inspires you to follow your dreams and invest in your passions like she did.

Last but not least: Advice from our WOW 2020

skylarglowsup :What words of wisdom would you like to share with other women out there to inspire them to live their dreams, reinvent themselves, embrace themselves as women while accepting each other just as they are ? 

“Be yourself,  be humble. Always try to improve your knowledge of things. Help others. Stay focussed. Try new things. You are never too old or too young to reinvent yourself. “


Linzi with her beloved succulents. Gardening is one of her favourite pass times.
Marlin,(the hubby), holding baby Malachi and tiny Gabriella strolling around on one of their family outings in Paarl.
Malachi now, playing in their garden as he goes down his slide into the colour tube! Go homeschooling!
Gabriella now, drawing her rockstar on the little blackboard. Barefeet and carefree!
Masks ? Check ! Dogs ? Check ! = Sibling adventure !


” Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art “.- Ansel Adams

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With Love and Light,

A happy women’s month 2020

From Skylar

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