Meet Sascha – Lee the Soulful Starseed, our First Lady of the Klein Dorpie WENtaliteit © movement

” Your destiny is written in the stars “



When life gives us a worldwide pandemic, Sascha – Lee gives us glamour and rhinestones. Meet Sascha- Lee Lawrence, Our First Lady of our Klein Dorpie WENtaliteit © movement.

Who is Sascha – Lee Lawrence?

She is a sketch artist, painter, mural artist, make-up artist and graphic designer. Sascha is a highly creative and expressive individual, who uses the world as her canvas. Nothing is off-limits for her when it comes to expressing herself through art. And that’s the true spirit of a wintalist ( a person with a winner’s mentality ).

This is why I have given her the First Lady honour even though the honour is all mine. I have had the opportunity to get to know Sascha over the years both personally and creatively. We are currently collaborating on one of my latest and greatest projects yet.

I will reveal more in future posts, so make sure to stay up to date for our exciting creative collaborations! Magic happens when two creative minds’ powers combine! Below follows our interview as we delve a little deeper into the art of being a female artist and entrepreneur.

 skylarglowsup : ” Where did you stay and grow up all those years before coming back to Pniël ? “

 ” Initially, we all stayed in Simondium up until I was in standard 4,now known as grade 6 .  Then we moved to Ruyterwacht to live with my paternal relatives. My parents and us kids were living in a caravan during that time. Then we moved to Elsies River but when my baby sister Zaidey was born, my parents decided to move us all back to our grandma’s house in Pniël. This is where we stayed with my maternal relatives.”

” The human spirit shines through in every stroke of her brush. If my eyes could speak they would be breathless at the sight of such a work of art.”- 143

This is Sascha- Lee’s younger sister Zaidey. I took the initiative of curating all of her works of art for the simple fact that we as artists don’t always know how amazing our work is.An audience connects to art it in different ways. I decided to be part of the audience so that Sascha’s art may be showcased from an appreciative and interpretive perspective. In doing so, everyone else has the opportunity to engage with her art as well.

 skylarglowsup: At what age did you start drawing / painting and how old are you now?

 ” It started with sketching. I doodled and scribbled on the walls in our house and I played in the garden with our dogs. My parents always commented that I would one day be an artist. I always had a vivid imagination but I was a very introverted child. I was also very emotional and didn’t really play with other kids in the neighbourhood. I drew pictures and told stories to my pets. I started painting in my twenties. Once  I started focusing on me and not whether or not it was about money and fame. That is how I started building my business from age 21 to now ( 27 ). “

Like mother, like daughter. Sascha’s love for her mother shines through in this beautiful work of art.

 skylarglowsup: As a female, what makes a winner ? How do you maintain your WINtality ( winner’s mentality ) Or WENtaliteit ( wenner’s mentaliteit ) ? Why do you think you are a wintalist ?

 ” Life experience makes you a winner. I used to be very depressed. As a teenager, I tried at least once a week to do something to myself. I went through a  period of a lot of self – harm and had many suicide attempts. I was preparing to die and didn’t understand why I didn’t want to live anymore but I never succeeded in doing it.

That made me realize that there was still a lot of fight left in me.  I think the reason for my depression was that I felt that my father didn’t love us because he always ran away when there was no money to take care of us.  It felt like he didn’t take responsibility for us or try to find ways to take care of us. And that made me feel like I didn’t want to live anymore.

Now that I am older and wiser, I know that he loved us and did his best as a father and husband.We had to go through some tough times to appreciate a better present, today.”

Winners win by persevering through the dark times. That’s wintality at it’s best.

 ” You maintain your wintality by persevering through the dark times. Depression and anxiety can’t keep you under. Family dysfunction can not deter you from your goals. Not having money or going broke or growing up living in poverty or an environment that is at the centre of gang violence should not make you stay in that environment, thinking that it’s your punishment. That is actually your motivation to rise to the occasion. Your talent is your gift and that’s what makes you a winner, no matter what is happening to you. Whatever flows from your soul is what you are supposed to do. Be an entrepreneur. Just keep going.”

Sascha’s make – up turns Halloween into a fashion show
Channelling the day of the dead and bringing Mexican culture to life
A sassy self – portrait selfie

 skylarglowsup: What advice would you give to aspiring artists, especially female artists who might also want to do commissioned work and in doing so, work for themselves and be entrepreneurs ?

 ” Practice. Practice. Practice. I have 5 books filled with sketches. Art allows you to express yourself regardless of gender and most female artists create through emotion, so I think that gives you a leg up if you wish to get out there. It is extremely difficult to maintain but it’s worth it. Market yourself by telling your story, networking with people and advertising yourself by connecting with people through your art.”

Art is passion and comes in many forms

“Art is passion and although an art form like painting and sketching is undeniable, don’t put your all into thinking that your talent is enough to maintain you financially. Those who make it big have the right recipe, the right connections and they might have struck it lucky by getting exposed very early on. So, to just keep it real and not disillusion other aspiring artists in thinking that after one painting they’ll suddenly have it all. Keep in mind that it takes time,effort,dedication,patience and faith and belief in yourself. “


Sascha – Lee’s self – portrait is one of my personal all-time favourites! Being a woman comes with many blessings and a lot of burdens that many of us don’t get to address in a public or social setting. So often we are told to be reserved, complacent and let other people decide for us, speak for us or think for us or do for us. This to me just says: I embrace who I am and I am resilient and capable of being my own person and carving my own path by embracing my feminine energy. No matter what.

skylarglowsup :How do you feel before, during and after your draw, paint or design a work of art?

 ” In the beginning, I feel inspired and focused on every single project. I am motivated to create perfection. When it’s done and perfect in my mind. I feel like all the built-up weight leaves my shoulders because although the creative process is amazing it’s still very time-consuming. It’s a great energy release. It’s an amazing feeling that resonates within you that you have achieved something by doing something for someone else and you get rewarded for it by getting paid. “

One of Sascha’s many exquisite commissioned pieces. It took my soul sailing and floating on those tranquil waves as I gazed up at the majestic clouds.


When art meets denim. It’s all in the details!

skylarglowsup : How can other talented artists suss out for themselves who are truly supportive and as passionate about their gifts as they are and who just want “ pretty things to impress others with ” ?

 ” I actually can’t fully answer that yet. I have been scrutinised for my art. I have bought many books on art because it’s a passion. Unlike many formally trained artists, I didn’t go to art school. That means that I didn’t have that set foundation that many trained or schooled artists have.

I have visited many art galleries where I have seen paintings and I could really connect to it and it drew me in and then others that were just “ meh “. Abstract art, for example, does not really speak to me as much as portraiture. Portraiture tells a story. When you look at someone’s face,just their face, their face has so many stories to tell and that’s why I love this form of art so much.  If you think of the Mona Lisa. People are still baffled by her face and that is what I think portraiture does. It tells an untold or previously unimagined story. When I do landscape as well, the brush strokes and movement tells a story just in a different way. “

Not all that glitters is gold. Art should evoke a feel-good feeling.

 ” Pretty things might look good and make you feel calm or good looking at it ,as a piece of art. Some people have commented that my art is too flat or not as detailed or as  in-depth because of my brush strokes or that the paint is not as thick. There are thousands of artists out there that do the exact same thing as I do and they are very successful. Therefore, I just stick to my guns and tell a story through my paintings because I enjoy it.

Everyone is allowed their opinion and may voice their critique, but you yourself should not judge yourself too harshly on what or how you choose to express yourself when you paint, sketch or draw. If you look at something and it resonates with you as a human being, then to me, that is art. “


I connected with this painting so much that I had to ask Sascha – Lee the story behind it because I was curious to know if we were on the same wavelength. Although we agreed on some technical aspects, the message was completely different. Me being on my journey of transition, personal development and emerging as an artist myself,

I interpreted this piece as the subject being naked in three dimensions. The past, the present and the future. I saw her being naked meant that she was giving birth to herself by being in her own worlds. As if she was a pearl in an oyster shell. The hues of brown gave me an earthy feel and I resonated with it because of Sascha’s colours that are warm and whimsical.

 skylarglowsup: Do you think artists should invest in their gifts and set aside finances for classes, training, materials etc. ?

 ” Yes, and I would suggest going to classes with someone who knows what they are doing. Do research before just going to any random class or training. If you like portraiture, don’t go to a landscaping art class for example. If you aren’t exposed to it in school to know what you could potentially be good at, then first do some self- discovery. Materials are expensive so be aware of that. You will see growth by looking at yourself and being yourself.”

skylarglowups: Why should artists not be hesitant to put a price tag on their works?

 ” I sit very long and I am meticulous in my workmanship. I spent time on someone else’s request. I put emotion into that. You make your price and see what happens. “

 skylarglowsup: How has your significant other or husband- to- be invested in and supported you as an artist ?

” Paul and I are from two different worlds and I never thought he would be interested in my passion for being an artist. He was the first person who sat down with me and actually listened to me. He went to buy my first A1 canvas, paint and brushes and his mother bought my first painting. Their whole family knew so much about art and taught me things I was not aware of. He made me see things about myself and the world of art that educated me in a way that I didn’t know was possible. His family also love artsy people and have an immense appreciation for art more than other people I know. That helped me to step up to the plate and up my game to actually paint and get paid.

When Sascha paints she feels as free as a bird and when she is loved she is as delicate as a flower.


 skylarglowsup: What advice would you give to people who date or want to be in lasting relationships with creative people like yourself. Those creative geniuses who write poetry, want to self publish books or visual artists like photographers or musicians or novelists, who think they aren’t good enough because of lack of moral support and resources?

 ” Be with someone who respects your art and your creativity. I have been in relationships before and they ( my exes ) didn’t even know what art was.  If you are in a relationship with someone, you want to be cherished and supported by your significant other for who you are and what you do as an artist. Your partner should be confident and emotionally neutral because many times you’ll have your ups and downs. And so will they. It’s never easy but clear communication is key. 

Paul and I have been together for 10 years now and he has been all the help that I needed in my life. He is the only friend that I need.  You need a person who is stable as a rock. Someone who is positive. We fill each other with positive energy and support each other emotionally on a day to day basis. It’s not just an emotional transaction.

If Paul needs some motivation, then I sit down and talk to him so that he knows he is capable of anything. As partners, if you feel frazzled you can use humour to diffuse the situation. When things are of a serious nature, we sit down with each other and have a serious conversation and then laugh afterwards because we have learned that there is a time and a place for everything, so we embrace all of the motions.”

In order for you to shine as an artist, your partner should not dim your light

 ” There has to be love between the two of  you.We act quirky and silly with each other because there is love between the TWO of us. It’s OUR love. It’s not necessary to show to others how much you love each other. Just support each other. As a couple, we have had to learn through the years to communicate our likes and dislikes with each other.

There are many no-no’s in relationships, so just make sure you know what you feel good about and what does not, when choosing a partner. What can you tolerate and what can’t you tolerate. You have to compromise, and all of this is learned through the years.”

When it’s mutual, love will make your hearts bloom for each other, because of each other.-143

 “It’s like a painting. Every relationship comes with their different storylines and so does each partner. Everyone comes with their unique personality. Just suss out all things that make you happy. Enjoy every moment. It is so much easier between us now, than it was a few years back. People give up so quickly and easily in relationships. If you don’t open yourself to someone you won’t get to reap the beauty of that person.

Both of us are very stubborn people and when we have our fights and vent and get all the feelings out, we calm down. We never go to bed mad. Even if we can’t resolve the issue at hand there and then, we still kiss each other and say  “I love you” before we go to sleep because we don’t know what ‘s going to happen tomorrow. Life is short and we appreciate each other even in the worst moments.”

Fight for each other not with each other

 ” He ( Paul ) was always the person who fought for me even when my friends and family stopped fighting for me and just gave up on me. Even when we had disagreements. He climbed through the window once, after I locked myself in a room. I had packed all my clothes so I could leave. He came in so that I wouldn’t leave. He didn’t come in to break me down or force me to stay with him by shouting at me, intimidating me or breaking things. He just came to talk things through so we could still be together and with each other.”

Their love is as resilient and transformative as a king protea

I know many people struggle with this, where they are not supported through the creative process. You know when in the beginning you have an idea and then you need to work out many things, mess up, have sleepless nights, then go back to the drawing board even when you feel depressed or discouraged, and then people disappear and reappear when they see how great your work turned out.

They skip the mess but want a front seat to your success

Some of us have already lost many friends, a few girlfriends and boyfriends and got treated with bitterness and resentment by those we thought would support us. This usually happens when you finally open up to certain people that you are actually into music and the arts or that you have visions of unimagined things that come to manifest when one puts your all into it.

 skylarglowsup: How can artists and creatives from small towns continue to push through these and other barriers?

Find and make more room for people who appreciate your gifts and surround yourself with positivity. When people give you backhanded compliments or don’t encourage you to pursue art or music or writing or photography or design, stop talking to those people. Even if this comes from your closest friends or family members or significant other. Not all of them will understand and some of them simply won’t support you. You have to believe in yourself and others will too!  You don’t need to hang out with them, new like-minded people will come into your life and offer you what you need.  “

Here is Sascha’s latest creation that she sent skylarglowsup. She wants to convey a message to young people to not let social media trick them into believing that everyone has these perfect lives online. Offline we all have problems, we all deal with major issues and suffered childhood or adult traumas. Turning to social media won’t solve your issues but loving yourself and tuning into your gifts will create an outlet and a sense of healing when you realise that you can create something that comes from your soul.

your destiny is written in the stars

I realised that just like Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein, people will never truly see you. And let’s face it, legends are made through suffering. I made peace with myself and wherever this world may take me next because nothing ever works out exactly as you may plan it. I say get up! Dust yourself off! and I promise myself every day is a step in the right direction. A direction to work on my OWN LEGACY.

This art piece that conveys the injustices of society. In today’s world, no one’s dreams are written in the stars anymore. It’s written in the effect you have on social media. We are all faceless people in a world listening to the same music repeatedly. Take your life back and unplug! “

With Love and Light

and a whole new world of inspiration from our Klein dorpie WENtaliteit movement


keep glowing through art

You can find Sascha – Lee here for more info

Art By S.A.Lawrence

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