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Sapphire Spa Image 5s
Fungai and I sharing a Sapphire moment!

The moment I walked into Sapphire Spa, I immediately felt relaxed and calm. Fungai’s warm smile and Chervon’s attentiveness and professionalism were of the highest calibre for a first-time visit. Sapphire Spa has been up and running since 2015 and their success is evident in their excellent service, a wide range of beauty products, and rejuvenating treatments that leave you feeling like a polished gem, once you are done.

Make beauty and health a lifestyle

To me, beauty is not something tangible. It’s more of a feeling. It’s a state of being. In the same sentiment, so is health. At Sapphire Spa, their mission is to make beauty and health a lifestyle.  Health is my main priority right now. My mental health takes precedence in my life and in doing so my physical health also improves and benefits from the new choices that I make.

When I am stressed out, my body feels it first and my mind notices it last, so making health and beauty a lifestyle is exactly what my first visit to Sapphire spa offered me and will offer you as well.

palm 017
Refreshing lemon and mint water on arrival and some marshmallows for your sweet tooth

Welcome to Sapphire Spa

When I arrived at the spa, I was greeted by two warm and friendly faces who checked in on me and welcomed myself and my best friend in by giving us the option of having some fruit- infused water before our respective sessions started.

Sapphire Spa in Bantry Bay is managed by  Chervon who is from Mpumalanga.  She works with Fungai who is from Zimbabwe. Both of them are beauty therapists with years of experience. They have both worked with local and international clients.  These lovely ladies were very professional, personable, and attentive to our needs.

Fungai made sure that I was comfortable during my back of body massage and even did a brief body check to ask where I had tension so that she could focus on those areas more. Chervon made sure that my best friend had plenty of fun with her pedicure.

Sapphire Spa Image 1s
The natural light, plants, seating, and water encapsulates health  at Sapphire Spa
palm photography 026
Attention to detail leaves you feeling like royalty


“ The highest form of self-care is honouring your body’s needs.”

Over the last decade, I have really made a huge shift into wellness and well-being and one of the first things that I started doing about 6 years ago was prioritizing self – care. I set mind, body, and soul goals for myself and although it’s been a long journey, I haven’t felt this young since my twenties and I am now in my early 30’s.

Since 2017, I have lost 16 kilos by going to the gym and having a personal trainer evaluate my body. He worked out a precise workout routine for me that I could follow without straining my back, becoming muscled and bulky, or losing too much weight to the point of looking emaciated. After losing the excess weight, I had more energy, more confidence, and more appreciation for beauty.

The beauty of my skin, the beauty of my body, and the strength and health of my hair and nails. Visiting a spa greatly improves the condition and appearance of your skin, body, hair, and nails. Going for regular spa treatments at reputable places such as Sapphire Spa can and will do wonders for your beauty and health routine if you have not considered spa treatments yet.

Sapphire Spa’s treatment menu is to live for! They offer personalized packages, couples packages, brow, nail and skin treatments, massages, and more.

R and R spell recharge and rejuvenation at Sapphire Spa.

I really enjoyed my session at Sapphire Spa because I knew I would have a few hours to unplug, de-stress, recharge, and rejuvenate. Since 2020 commenced, I was commuting from Stellenbosch to Cape Town on a weekly basis to do a short course while I was setting up other interviews, networking, visiting friends and family, working on my blogs, books, songs, poetry, and personal challenges.

My body and mind felt overwhelmed. I felt drained and my shoulders and back were tense from life’s daily hustle and bustle. Yoga was not enough, meditating didn’t quite do the trick, going for walks also did not help my body to feel more relaxed. Not even a trusty salt bath could untie my knotted and tense muscles.

So I decided to pay Sapphire Spa a visit. We drove all the way from Stellenbosch to Bantry Bay and I could not wait to take a dip in the indoor pool, kick up my feet after my pedicure and just pause for a moment.

Sapphire Spa Image s2s
Getting my pedicure at the nail station of the spa
Sapphire Spa Image 7s
Relaxing on the pool bench as I wait for my toes to dry
Sapphire Spa Image 11 bws
Fungai using her skills to get rid of the tension in my back
Sapphire Spa Image 10s
Sapphire treatment: Handled with care


What package did I choose

I chose a 45 minutes sports massage which was a  back of body Swedish massage as well as one hour pedicure. I also took a 15-minute swim in the indoor pool after my appointment. The pool was available for me to use at my own leisure. Once my scheduled appointment was completed, I took the liberty of relaxing on the pool bench and journaled for a while. I  planned the rest of my month and  I was able to wind down completely before I had to head back home.

First time at Sapphire surpassed other spa visits locally and internationally

Over the years I have gone to quite a few spas and I have tried different types of massages from sports massages, to hot stone massages, to cupping therapy in China, and deep tissue massages in Saudi Arabia.

I once tried a Thai massage where someone uses their own body to manoeuvre and manipulate your body in order to get rid of the tension. I have been to some spa treatments where the fee was not worth the money that I had spent and it seemed that I paid more for the idea of a spa experience instead of the actual experience of getting a decent treatment for my skin or the advertised time of a massage.

In Colombia, I once visited a spa that offered a full body massage with a coffee and apple skin exfoliation ( aromatherapy ). I had access to the hot tub and was offered a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, which was amazing for my skin and mood but lacked in releasing the physical tension. That beauty therapist gave me a very mediocre massage.

Many of the local ( Stellenbosch, Cape Town, Fish Hoek and surrounds ) spas and massage parlours that I have visited, didn’t leave me feeling satisfied because many of the beauty and massage therapists couldn’t discern that I didn’t want to talk during my treatments. They would be quite talkative and made me feel obligated to be chatty while I was trying to centre myself and not talk for a while. I know there are many clients who love talking to unwind, so I think I might be the odd one out who doesn’t feel the need to carry a conversation during treatments.

Visiting Sapphire Spa left me extremely satisfied and so happy that I chose what I chose because my body was in desperate need of a bit of pampering and a lot of tender- loving care.

” Do what you love and love what you do.”

Sapphire Spa Image 6 bws
Fungai, experienced beauty therapist who works at Sapphire Spa

When I asked Fungai why she loves working in the beauty and health industry she replied:  ” I really care about my clients and the service that I provide. This will be seen as I perform and will shine through, building trust and establishing a loyal client base.”

Chervon, experienced beauty therapist and Sapphire Spa’s manager

Chervon said:  ” I love to inspire and motivate my clients to invest in their health. I am so passionate about educating my clients about skin and body, knowing how it can impact their self-esteem and how small changes can make a huge difference to their well-being and confidence. As for the spa, we offer a tranquil, calm, and peaceful environment for our clients by experienced and good-natured beauty therapists.

Would I recommend Sapphire Spa to others and why?

I would highly recommend Sapphire Spa’s services to anyone who needs a break from their busy lives, in need of a rapid recharge. If they suffer from physical fatigue or sports injuries, Sapphire Spa’s sports massage package would be the perfect session to book.

The spa is a prime location for women and men who are looking for a few hours of silence by the pool.  There they are able to read a book, take a quick swim, get a massage, and then get back to business. Even if you live outside of Cape Town, it’s worth the drive. You could make a day of it by spending time at the beach, having lunch somewhere then going for a well-deserved treatment, massage, manicure, or pedicure.

How can I get my Sapphire moment as a prospective first – time client?

Sapphire Spa is situated in Bantry Bay, Green Point, Western Cape, South Africa. You can get there by car or take the MyCiti Bus if you do a quick google search on the bus routes around Cape Town. Below is a link to the Spa’s Facebook page that has all the needed information so that you can book a spa treatment once the beauty industry is open for business again. You also have the option to order Matis products online for all your beauty needs. If I were you, I would start planning a post lockdown pamper session for you and your hubby or wifey!

Sapphire Spa Bantry Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Sapphire Spa Instagram



From the owner  ( Ilse ) and her Sapphire team: ” We look forward to seeing you soon. To all our loyal clients, stockists and suppliers, thanks for making YOUR beauty and health a lifestyle with us, Sapphire Spa. Stay safe, stay healthy. “

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