There’s a time for everything and now is the time to triumph bond.

*Disclaimer, this is another one of my 32 acts of kindness. Act of Kindness number 5: Let’s keep everyone safe and alive both locally and worldwide, to support Enable Medellín in Colombia to help them in raising funds, so that they can continue 3D printing much needed masks and other medical supplies for healthcare workers as well  as their friends and families in Colombia.

I am currently in South Africa under 21 day of lock down but that does not mean kindness has shut down. I write this out of the pure love and appreciation for Colombia, where I lived and worked for 2 and a half years  ( 2017-2019 ) as an English teacher, volunteer to one of the communities in Medellín and proud neighbour of barrios, Conquistadores, Belén Fatima and Pilarica.

I wish to return as soon as possible to continue serving the community with my skills, knowledge, hard work and I hope to reunite with everyone who loves and personally knows me,very soon. To my dog, Bobo, I am proud of you and I hope you are being a good boy, I am doing my best to reunite with you. To those taking care of him, I thank you. Mil gracias. Colombia is my second home, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for teaching me what real love and family is.-143Colombia365-

© Linzi Petersen 2020
 One of my best friends and her kids playing dress up while they tidy up during 21 days of lock-down in South Africa. We stay connected no matter what. © Linzi Petersen 2020

Good afternoon everyone! Happy April! It’s my birthday month. One of my favourite people in the world celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday and I hope she had an amazing time with her daughter, husband and son. Shout out to Jade! Lief jou baie chom, soos jy sal sê. My other close friends also have wedding anniversaries coming up so I have a feeling it’s going to be a month full of celebrations and I am delighted to be near my nearest and dearest right now.




Gabriella and Malachi are in sync with me. © Linzi Petersen 2020


It’s sunny and hot outside and I was just swiftly visited by  a humming bird. It past by just to say: Today is a good day. Today is a day to reflect and celebrate triumphs over troubles. It’s the fourth of the fourth, year 2020 and twenty days away from my 33rd birthday and I am fortunate enough to be home home. Double the fun, double the miracles, double the blessings, double the faith, love, trust, patience and fun! Two are better than one!

This time of the year Autumn usually greets us here in the Western Cape of South Africa, with heavy winds and lots of rain. Which I love. I love the rain, as it washes everything clean and rejuvenates Mother Nature, our souls and our hearts.

So the fact that we, South Africa are still under our 21 days of lock-down has given all of us an opportunity to go within, without going without.  I must say, I have been having daily breakthroughs, sleepless nights brought on by endless creativity and waves of immense gratitude and awe of how amazing life is. The strong and unbreakable bonds that I already have with so many wonderful souls around the world, has been strengthened in this time of uncertainty.

Image courtesy of the internet, I do not own the copyright to this photo. Thanks internet.

 Reflect and affirm :If you have faith in yourself and others, mountains move. They move toward you, like magnets attracting miracles of health, well-being, togetherness,expression,clear communication,understanding  and triumph over troubled waters. Kindness and compassion must rise for us to move forward, so look up, look within and go forth with faith. All is well.

Shout out to everyone wherever you are right now. Stay safe. Stay healthy and be well. You are missed and loved. Thank you for the meaningful connections that we have both, locally and internationally.

Afrikaans is my taal. Baie dankie Colombië, ek is lief vir jou. – 143Colombia365-


Last night I participated in a worthy cause within a community of artists from all over the world and all  we did was spread love, kindness, laughter, cheers and personal triumphs and we reminded each other that COVID- 19, quarantine, lock-down and physical distancing can not keep us apart.

 A  live open mic session was held online via social media platforms to raise funds for an initiative called Enable Medellín. They are 3D printing some much needed masks and other medical supplies for the healthcare workers who are currently moving mountains in   Colombia and all over the world for us, so that we can stay safe and stay healthy during this time.

 Our storms draw us closer to the calm. It draws us closer together and it shows us that love is alive and well. That kindness must rise. That where we are healthy, we are happy. Where we are happy we are home, because home is where the heart is. Thank you to Primed Community and their ParchArte initiative in  Medellín, Colombia for inviting me to share a part of me, my language and culture which is Afrikaans and for giving me the opportunity to read a snippet of my poem Anne- Marie, which I wrote for my choir teacher from primary school.  She planted the seed of singing and the love of piano in me when I was still at an impressionable age. She guided me without ever knowing it and most recently I have reconnected with her in the most amazing way. I will share more on that in coming posts.

Also thank you for letting me share more about my bilingual book ( written in both Spanish and English to promote bilingualism and  celebrate Colombia and its people  ) 143Colombia365 which has a daily reminder of why we should remain grateful, no matter what we face in our lives or within our relationships. Today is day 95 of 366 and here’s your reminder:

95. El amor te asigna talleres lumbares en fisioterapia para que te se mejore y se fortalezca.

Abrazos, Amor y Luz para todos los que han colaborado. A cada artista, bien hecho, bravo y gracias por inspirarnos con sus buenas energías, voces y hermosas almas. Les amo y gracias. – Stelita

 I hope that today will remind  you of how health workers are helping those who fall ill to be well. I had many  lower back issues for a long time, more than a decade in fact. I could never get out of that cycle of taking medication, resting, over doing it and then having to pay exorbitant amounts of money to get specialized treatments or take off time from work, because I could not move around because I had lower back pain. I had missed out on many social events and lost connections with people who I valued and wanted to spend more time with, but I could not at the time, because I had to take care of my health first, so I could be well enough to join others when they wanted to go out and have fun and be active. I wanted to be me. I wanted to be (pain and worry ) free.

I was not even 30 years old,yet I had health issues of that of a 45 year old. And when I arrived in Colombia in 2017, I found the right help with physio therapy.

Within months, I was better. I had more energy and even lost weight and strengthened my muscles with the simple, yet useful exercises that they taught me during my sessions. So thank you again. Thanks to EPS and all its components and workers who help us to be healthy again. This one is for you, the physio therapists, chiropractors, receptionists, nurses and doctors of Medellín, Colombia, you gave me my health back.

 Ask yourself the following and do it with honesty, transparency and compassion as a means of self- care:  Where and with who do you feel most at home and how can you continue to build that home from the foundation up?


For those of you who would like to reflect on this world wide lock down, I hope you remember what home is. I hope you remember where home is. Sometimes home, is a person. It’s someone’s smile. It’s a bee, landing on a flower, to wish it well. Sometimes home is the ocean. Sometimes home is the sound of your favourite person’s voice and sometimes home is drawing for hours on end while you are listening to music through your headphones. Sometimes home is sitting in silence with yourself telling yourself how proud you are of who you are. Sometimes home is reading a book from front to back to back to front. Sometimes home is taking a bath. Sometimes home is unplugging from everyone so that you can refresh yourself and just rest. Sometimes home needs you to stay home for a little while longer so that you can come back to them better and stronger.Sometimes home is rediscovering your voice with someone from another culture that shares your vision, your dreams and your passion for the arts, music, food, travelling, meditation, yoga and personal development.Sometimes home is simply being able to breathe easily and do nothing. If you can however do something for someone today, try to be soft, kind and patient and think of the patients currently in the care of our superheroes today.

And sometimes home is one word that brings two people together or a whole nation together. That would could be love, or joy,forgiveness,support,honour,trust,faith or understanding or acceptance, or thanks.

IF you had just one word to share with someone else what would that word be and  in which language and why?  Mine would be Liefling. -144.3

 The word liefling is the Afrikaans equivalent of darling in English or cielo in Spanish. It is one of my favourite words because if it’s divided into two, it has a beautiful hidden meaning to me. Liefde = Love = El amor and ling= twin= gemela, so in essence it means love twins. It takes two to become one. And I think one kind and powerful word can change the world for the better. Let that word in your heart and soul be love. Liefde. Amor.


Sending you Love and Light As always,

Keep Glowing Up



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