Meet Justin the Musical Giant. Our Pioneer for a first of its kind : Klein- dorpie WENtaliteit ©

  • Disclaimer, the following post is part of an energy exchange between Justin and I. This means that we have exchanged our  talents and skills to collaborate and share  in  each other’s journeys and we were happy to settle on my writing this blog post. Justin will teach me some basics on a djembe drum to spark up and revive my musical side again.
  • For those of you interested in energy exchanges and or paid partnerships kindly email me at if you would like me to do a featured article on you ,your business ,services, skills etc. Thanks in advance.


Happy March everyone! It’s been a fiery February to say the least. Feb was filled with many many high notes and some current undertones for me personally, so I am taking the month of MARCH to soldier forth one micro, movement at a time.

“Forward is forward. Progress is progress. And winning is winning! “Whether it’s a teeny tiny win for one or a collective win for us all. A win is a win is win.

Affirm: ” I am winning 24/7/366 “

Speaking of winning, this is a first for skylarglowsup and an initiative that I decided to start out of curiosity and in honour of celebrating the human spirit within the sphere of klein dorpies. If we think about it, klein dorpies ( small towns ) often have diamond mines of talent, creativity, skills, services and more.  The only problem is that  we often don’t recognize what is right under our noses or even within ourselves because we get conditioned into believing that to be rich is to be rich.  That your bank balance defines your worth when in actual fact, we all have something innate that can and must be cultivated into a worthwhile skill or product. Something that we can be compensated for even though it might be an intangible piece of work.

We forget that things such as musical instruments cost money and maintenance. Lessons and formal instruction cost money. Cameras are expensive and one must pay for all the  extras and software to edit and prepare images according to clients preferences. Some of us studied for years, by paying for our qualifications and graduating top of our classes while others tried to start and run their own businesses. We become discouraged when so many of us want a discount here or an extra there.

Those of us who do our best to support each other can’t always do it within the same town. We must branch out or step out into the world like I did to be financially independent when we feel like our klein dorpie mentaliteit won’t allow us to progress as much as we strive to.

We also don’t celebrate, appreciate or invest in our talent. We give up as soon as we grow up and for many of us when we grow older our desires don’t die, they grow stronger. We wish to express our talents and earn decent livings with what God blessed us with even when it’s not always recognized within most klein dorpies. I therefore choose to now celebrate, recognize and honour the greatness within klein dorpies. Klein dorpies besit groot talent!

 Small towns possess huge talent!

I think we have forgotten that we are rich in many ways. We have applicable knowledge. We are rich with having our health. We are rich with family and friends. We are rich with being and living in fruitful areas where we can easily grow our own food and sustain ourselves and our families and we are rich when we have musicality, creativity and artistry running in our veins. It’s therefore essential that we are seen so that we can see what is possible for us. Affirm: Start small.Think BIG!



skylarglowsup: What is wentaliteit or a wintality to you?

Justin: Wentaliteit is having self confidence by finding out what your passion is. That is how you can build a winning mentality aka wentaliteit. If you have not found your passion yet, search for it by spending time alone. Then, ask yourself the following questions:  ” What brings me joy? What does my heart yearn for? What feels natural to me?

Justin’s love for musical instruments was very evident when I was trying to take photos with him and he was so careful to place them perfectly on display for me. We made sure the colours, textures and elements of each instrument spoke for themselves. We had so much fun and were so energized and excited to see how the photos would come out.

 skylarglowsup: How do I know if I am an artist?

Everyone is an artist. There is something new waiting for you on the outskirts of your comfort zone. People who know how to bake cakes well are artists, you are an artist in the way you use your words to tell stories and write about all of your personal experiences. We must just find our inner voice by being passionate about it, whatever it is to you as an individual.

skylarglowsup: For how long have you been playing musical instruments and how many can and do you play so far?

Justin: I am self-taught even though I don’t like to take full credit for my abilities because I have had many others who came before me that could teach or guide me here and there. I have been doing what I do for the past 10 years and I currently play 12 instruments. I play the bass guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, violin, accordion, harmonica,  djembe drum, congo drum, kajon ( a Peruvian instrument ), bongo drums, the organ and the piano.


Roxy the dog, was just as excited to see and hear the instruments. We tried to ask her to stay out of the frame, but in the end, we just let her be. Music brings everyone together. Music brings us peace and joy.


 sklyarglowsup: Who planted the seed of music into your being?


 Justin : My grand dad played banjo,accordion and guitar. This is actually his accordion that I inherited from him and that is where it started for me. Hearing him play music made me want to play music as well.

I noticed when I saw these photos on my laptop that when I rotated the original photo to show upright in stead of top to bottom, it totally changed my perspective on what Justin not only said and lives but the accordion resonated this with HOHNER ( the German brand of musical instruments ) and I simply read it as honour. Justin honours his roots by channeling his grand dad’s legacy and now creating a new legacy for the next generation of giants not only for klein dorpies but on a universal scale. I have not met anyone yet who plays 12 instruments from scratch.  Have you?

skylarglowsup: What do you say or how do you deal with the naysayers in life?

Justin: When you go against the grain, people shoot arrows at you. They fear the unknown. Sometimes when what you do is too complex, people will label it as weird, when it’s actually groundbreaking. Those are people who conform.

 I think people should yearn for something bigger. Typical comments are : ” Have you ever heard anyone making it big by playing music whose from a small town?”  or  “You have to play what other people will like or you’ll never make it big.”  These negative comments actually made me put in more hours of practicing and playing musical instruments, writing poetry and singing songs.


skylarglowsup: What advice would you give to other wintalists such as yourself no matter their age, race ,gender, occupation, skill level, desire, talent, upbringing or environment ?

Justin : At times negative comments can make you feel anger and aggression. When people say things like  ” You are wasting your time” or  ” Get a real job “. You feel this way towards others because you know that they haven’t crossed any boundaries yet.

 My advice to others would be to not underestimate yourself. I am short in stature and that does by no means mean that I am capable of less. So don’t let these things affect your drive. Be true to yourself. Keep the fire burning in your heart. Don’t become a copy.  Don’t bow down to social rules. Have a strong sense of self and don’t let go of  the dream. People are jealous of passion. They are in prison. That ” I’m worried about what others are going to say.” kind of prison. The gate is wide open. Use your uniqueness and embrace what’s different about you. Escape the cycle. 

I look forward to capturing some of my djembe drum session with  Justin when we see each other for another round of klein dorpie Wentaliteit. Let’s celebrate all the talent within our small communities and also uplift and inspire each other to dream big, do big, think big and be big.

  • Update 3 months later now June 2020, lock -down stage 3 : Justin and I completed our energy exchange with him giving me a  one on one session with the djembe drum. I had used his smaller djembe drum while he lead with his bigger drum ( see photos above for reference )
  • He taught me how to listen to the drum’s sound and that the placement of my hands and power or my beating the drum would have an effect on the combos that he showed me. I had to use my palms and fingers to create that beautiful rhythm that only drums can produce and I felt closer to the motherland. I also saw the potential of acquiring new skills with percussion instruments that would open up new worlds for me as a singer-songwriter.
  • It was an amazing experience to explore this instrument ( the djembe drum ) and I feel that I if  have the time, commitment and means that I could be and excellent djembe drum player myself. Thanks Justin.Excellent work!

Keep glowing up

Love and light,



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