I love Ilse WARRIOR Hendricks. A beautiful inspirational story of sacred sisterhood. Part 1 -144-

20191201_164705Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful sunny morning in Cape Town. For some reason my alarm went off again this morning at 5:05 a.m and although I still felt a little tired in my body, I got up and went outside to meditate and give thanks for another day.

I watched the birds fly up and over and under and around the sky. They passed through two by two then one at a time then in flocks. I was fortunate to enjoy a cup of coffee and some white grapes for breakfast while admiring my uncle’s garden and invited good energy for today.

I invited good energy for today because my Tuesday’s are very emotionally charged and mentally draining. In the mornings, I go for trauma counseling and this is helping me to process things that have happened in my life over the last 2 almost 3 decades and then at night I go to a night class for a short course that I have joined to reignite my creativity.  I am doing this so that I can turn my passion into profit. I am also doing it in the hopes of inspiring others to run to their dreams. It’s not easy but it is possible.

I will reveal more on that when the time is right.

 So I think today is a good day to inspire the nation. This is my first inspiration for the nation story.  I have decided to focus on the light. I am choosing to remain positive. I am actively and relentlessly searching and delving into happiness and kindness and compassion and tolerance and acceptance and encouragement and empowerment of self and others  As a South African, we have many challenges we are currently facing and some days we fail to see the bright side of things. At times you need to create your own light when there is none and the following person has done just that. Not only for myself on a personal basis but she has also inspired me on a professional basis.

Her name is Ilse WARRIOR Hendricks (30). She is a beautiful, successful, loving and kind being. She is a wife and new mother to a beautiful blue – eyed boy. That boy also brings me so much joy. He infects everyone with his beautiful spirit and it’s such a blessing to be in their lives.


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I know illness well.  What I am working towards now is to  know wellness well. I have been battling mental illness for a very long time and I sometimes refer to it as a cancer of the mind. It’s invisible, it’s dormant, sometimes undetectable to the naked eye but it can kill. It can kill your spirit,  it can  kill your will to keep going and it’ll drive those who are near you, far far away.

I have learnt over the years that when I becomes we, illness becomes wellness again.


Ilse has always unknowingly motivated and inspired me throughout my life. The fact that she is a few years younger than I am, doesn’t intimidate or affect me. It makes me feel that if someone as young as her can do big things in life, so can I. Despite my personal challenges or circumstances. If she can, I can.

” Ilse kan nie loop nie, sy is in die hospitaal. Ons weet nie wat is fout nie.”

When her cousin Linzi, one of my best and closest friends  told me:  Ilse can’t walk. She is in hospital. We don’t know what is wrong with her. I felt crestfallen. Because this news was conveyed to me shortly after Linzi shared the good news of Ilse’s baby son being born and that he was a healthy happy baby and that Ilse was recovering well.

” Ilse is nou in die rehab, sy is in n rol stoel. Hulle weet nog nie wat is fout nie.”

“Ilse is now in a rehabilitation center. She is in a wheelchair. They still don’t know what is wrong with her.”

This was another update that Linzi had sent me, because I was still in Colombia and I didn’t know that I would come back home, so I was adamant on keeping in touch and being updated until the doctor found out what was wrong with her.

I was mindful with Ilse’s situation and I simply inboxed her whenever I had good days, as I was facing some challenges myself. I knew that if we simply were present and with each other in spirit, both of us, including all of us who are connected would feel better and face the days with a warrior spirit.

Ilse receiving radiation.

Ilse later let me know that they had found something that was cancerous and that she needed to go for treatment.  First radiation and chemo – therapy. Of course she lost her hair. But we were still there. Of course she could not be by with her son and husband.But we were still there. Of course she could not walk properly yet,but we could push her in her wheelchair. We are still here.

When I arrived back home, the first thing I did was ask Linzi to take me to Ilse. At that time she was still in the rehab center in Cape Town. I walked into the rehab center with Linzi, and Ilse asked : Linzi, droom ek of is daai Estelle wat langs jou loop?

” Linzi, am I dreaming or is that Estelle walking next to you? “

And the three of us laughed, because she couldn’t believe I was here and I was so happy to see her. We were frolicking so loud that the nurses came to shh us, but we left there all smiles. To me, that was a beautiful homecoming.

HOPE- Happiness Overcomes Pain Every time ©

When I realized that she would start treatment in November of last year, I decided to custom make her a HOPE jar. The 144 I LOVE ILSE Jar © Remember, I assign new meaning to things that might seem insignificant or have a negative connotation to it.

I knew that she would need to keep her mind positive and push through the aches and pains. I also wanted to inspire her in the same way that she has been inspiring me for all these years. And I believe the my words carried the WARRIOR POWER that she needed.

Ilse always meets me and greets me with a smile and a hug. She has also had the opportunity to work abroad so she knows how to work hard and how hard it is to work abroad. She loves to laugh. She has this bubbly laugh that makes you want to laugh to, without knowing why and she such a natural mother to her son.


She has really shown me what it means to be resilient. She went from being with child to giving birth to not being able to walk. Then, she went from being bed ridden, to having to use  a  wheelchair, to know being able to walk again.


I believe her son was her biggest blessing, had he not been born and brought into the world in the way that he was, she might not have discovered her illness as soon as she did and it might not have ended as well as one would expect a 30 something’s life to pan out. There’s a blessing and a lesson in every person in our life. Even when that blessing is sometimes disguises a huge mess!

She is still in her own process and that journey is something that she will share with us in Part 2.

If you are reading this and you have been dealing  with cancer or mental illness, know that you are not alone. May this inspire you. May this lift your spirit. May this help to reflect on your own life and see how blessed you actually are. Just as you are right now.

If you have lost someone to mental illness or cancer. They don’t wish for you to hold onto them anymore. Release them with love as they are at peace now. They know you will never forget about them. They  wish for you to hold onto each other.

Embrace the ones who are still alive and well. Their battles past are you future’s bravery.  They want  you to live full. Not empty. They want you to be well. Not ill.

They are always with you, as guardian angels now.

Affirmed !

To the family and friends who remain supportive and available for those who are currently in warrior mode. A thank you will never be enough but without you things would be unbearable. I send you love and light. You are warriors too! Not worriers,but warriors!

with love and light

from Skylar

keep glowing up

To Ilse WARRIOR Hendricks:  Lief, ek is baie lief en trots op jou. Jy het geen idee hoe jy my daagliks inspireer nie. Mag jy van krag tot krag  nie net aansterk nie, maar genees. Ek weet jy kan en ek weet jy gaan! Dankie vir alles. Die vriendskap is nou n lekker ene!

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