Assigning new meaning to love: Happy Valentine’s day to each and every one !

“Pro tip: Classify your problems. They can be solved. Classify your issues. They can be resolved.” -142-

Good evening everyone! I hope this finds you all very well. It’s now 8:25 p.m in South Africa. I am currently in Lansdowne, to be exact and I am in the comfort of  one of my aunt’s homes.

I have recently been fortunate enough to reconnect with her as well as one of my cousins, who I have not seen in 12 years! Yes! 12 years! He is still a genius and I am still as creative as I used to be and we spent  a good few hours talking with each other.  Catching up with him made me realize that time passes and time flies.

He also told me to not worry about the future and to take it one day at a time. This is something many people advise me to do but it is quite challenging to implement when you are like me. Someone who is used to multi-tasking, always being on call and wanting to be available to everyone or wanting to do a thousand things within a few days KNOWING it’s not always humanly possible. At times I do this,because I don’t always have the physical,mental or emotional capacity do as much as I used to and I starting to make peace with it now.

So he unknowingly affirmed to me again how important a day is.

A day is 24 hours long.

1140 minutes long.


86400 seconds long.

And I have decided to  classify my problems, so that they can be solved as well  as classify my issues so that they may be resolved.  For Valentine´s day 2020, I assigned new meaning to it to suit my current state of transformation and transition as well as link it in with my 90 days of self love. ( Today, 16 Febuary 2020,marks day 27 of my journey with self love : Estelle is WELL )

I went and looked at the words. Valentine and  Day. So, in Spanish the word valentía means courage, bravery or gallantry and this term could be used to describe a brave deed or an act of bravery. So I choose to see my Valentine’s Day as a day filled with bravery with the basis of love.

I now also see Valetine’s  Day as Valuing the Time in a Day. That is to say, that every hour is of great value depending on WHO you spend it with and not so much WHAT you are spending money on.

If I had 24 hours ONLY to love myself as best as I could, I would want to love myself bravely. I would use 1140 minutes thanking myself for more than 3 decades worth of daring and scary inner and outer battles, monumental personal strides and a lifetime worth of international experience. Thanks to me. Been there, done that, wore the t-shirt.

I would celebrate my gallantry in full effect. I would  make good use of each of those 86400 seconds to forgive myself for all the silly and careless mistakes I have made. I would go easy on myself and admit and acknowledge that I have made poor choices, I have made wrong turns and I have neglected my needs for a very long time in order to fullfill the needs of others and I would also be proud of myself for learning most my lessons then, so that I don’t have sit with them all hanging over my head now. So that I won’t repeat them when I am confronted with the same environment or situation.  I would honour myself in knowing that I am now changing for the better as best as I can and a pace that I am able to manage and maintain.

Start small but THINK and DO BIG! -142-

So far, I have only taken Step 1 and that is already a step closer toward myself. Step 1 was to get back to myself with professional help and rewiring my mind and my behaviour even though I am in a familiar environment,it feels as if everything is new. And that feels amazing! Knowing that I can leap forward with just this step alone.

“Do not become what you have overcome. If you have overcome dark times, live in the light. If you have overcome addiction, live mindfully. If you have overcome abuse. Live lovingly.” -142-

When you are able to sit with yourself and introspect the parts of you that you might not yet be able to love, take a moment to reflect on what good is currently present within you. What have you done well today? What goal have you reached today? Did you get up early today? Where you able to make the bed and have a neat and tidy room? Did you manage to get to the gym? Did you sleep well? If you answered yes to just one of these self- check questions you will realize that you’re step one’ing it. You have started your journey. Some of us need to repeat a step 10 000 times before moving into step 2,so if that’s you. Then do you and do it well !

Plant better seeds not bitter seeds. Flourish. Do not perish. -142- 

When you are starting a new journey into an unknown heaven, it’s so easy to revert back to familiar hells. It’s so easy to just work with what you are used to,but what you are used to might not be healthy or helpful to you. It might not be adding to your growth and it might just be taking from your fruits of labour. If you are also taking from yourself to give to others when you are not fully ripe yet,slow down. Examine your crop and be extra patient with yourself. Perfection takes time.

So be kind, be very, very, very kind and grateful and mindful and aware of yourself  and your heart and soul when you feel like things aren’t as easy as you thought it would be or expected it to be. Remember, when we plant seeds, they need darkness and rain and time and isolation to grow. So do you. So water yourself with love every second that you possibly can.


I, myself would have loved to receive a bouquet of flowers or have someone special cook a meal for me or take me out for a drink and a long walk in nature to just enjoy the silence and the beauty of our world on this Valentine’s day. It would have been so refreshing to receive some gifts of love and appreciation or a beautiful card to remind me of how loved I already know I am. Guess what? I didn’t feel left out,because I could go within. I looked within myself and spoke lovingly to Me by celebrating and honouring my being. Right where I am and not where I would have liked to be or what I would have like to had happened. I simply welcomed the day with bravery and loved it.

How will you spend 24 hours in a brave new way in honour of love?

So, if you are reading this, wherever you are and whoever you are ALWAYS remember that you are loved. NEVER forget that you are loved and remember to Value the Time in a DAY.



Love and Light,


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