A passing back home is still very much a passing for us who are far away from home. We may not be physically able to be there by your side, but we are there in spirit and we mourn and celebrate the life that was lost with you.

*  Disclaimer: If you have recently lost a loved one or if you are still in mourning, please read with caution. Or better yet, save this for a later read as to not upset yourself if you think that you might still need some time out and some time off from the rest of the world. This post is written and comes from a place of love, comfort, compassion and understanding.  Love and light, to whomever may be reading this right now in their time of honouring who now longer is physically with us. I can guarantee they are now and forever with us in spirit. Rest in Power, passed on souls.

It is 31 January 2019, I am writing this post with a heavy heart and a shocked state, but write I will write as writing is therapeutic to both myself and my readers who sometimes need to find comfort in the words of a stranger on the internet when the world becomes too much for them and they wish to zone out or switch off for a while.

Our steps to glowing up will continue as usual but first I must honour one of the things that will happen to all of us.  This is where we need to come together and appreciate each other in whichever form we might be in right now. Happy, sad, frustrated, confused, angry, broken, numb, you name it, you’ll feel it.

From a very young age  ( I believe 9-10) I have seen and experienced a lot of death in my family and through family friends of my mother as well as one or two teachers at school. Illness and death is not something new to me, but it is something that I honour just as much as I honour life.

What I mean by honouring, from my point of view, the physical being was alive and with us and in their time on earth they blessed us with their presence in some way, shape or form. They might have been our sister, our wife, our cousin, our best friend, our co- worker, our neighbour, our aunt, our grandma, our boyfriend, our child and by acknowledging their before and after, you pay  your last respect to them.

Both life and death are blessings. Yes, both are blessings that we should be thankful for. We came and we will pass on. And we will live on through our children, our family names, our gifts and talents that we have brought into this world, we will live on through the smiles and the memories of our friends and family who will talk of us often, remember our words, word for word, look at our photos on heavy days and this should be constant reminders to us of how incredible, precious and short live is.

My grandmother,who also past away some years ago while I was abroad used to (while she was still alive and well),light a candle in memory of the ones that she loved who were no longer with her. Usually on their birthdays. She would simply sit in her room, in silence or sometimes talking by herself, and remember that person. I would sometimes  go into her room to join her and she would tell me in detail what she had remembered about a specific day or outing with that person and then she might have read her bible and  she would go back to doing her beloved needle- work.

Death is not a punishment from higher up. It is not a curse. It is nobody’s fault. Our time is our time and the time that we are given is enough. We need to understand this.

Because we will suffer for longer if we don’t. And nobody deserves to suffer. All of us deserve the best that life has to offer us. Good health. Excellent education. Prosperous businesses and  flourishing families who are our wells of wealth and wellbeing.

In this post I have no microsteps,no tips, no nothing. What I would like to say is thank you to each and everyone of you for being in my life. For being a part of my journey, my struggles and my wins.

I honour those who have passed on and I urge you to celebrate the people who you have in your life, right this instant. Forget the people who  let you down and instead focus on the people who are lifting you up. Forget the ones who betrayed you and instead celebrate the ones who came to your rescue. Forget the ones who denied you and instead smile with the ones who fully accept you.  Begin to execute the ‘ out with the old  and in with the new’ concept if you might feel let down. Even a good thing or person leaving your space makes room for better things or people. So just focus on that.


From Skylar

With Love and Light


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