An international love series “International loving ” told by fellow expats from around the world, through my digital pen.

international-love-around-the-world-by-ben-morranGood evening beautiful souls and welcome to our blog about international glow up.

It is around 8 p.m on a slightly windy  and  chilly Saturday evening here in Colombia. It’s 12 January, so we are still fresh into 2019. I must say 2019 is just becoming more and more beautiful and fruitful and lush. I hope yours is going well too, fierce beings.


Here we are able to come together and learn as we earn our keep on an international level as expats, world travelers and  inner explorers of self. I was saving this topic for later, but the idea came to me so I went with it right then and there! This is a perfect exercise for my writing craft which I aim to master. It will now be a beautiful frame of reference for many of us who find love across cultures, borders, ages, ethnicity and circumstance.

I can tell you from personal experience that love sometimes arrives at what we believe to be the worst possible time. It arrives just as we are about to board our planes. It runs up on us as we are about to make a major life choice and sometimes comes to us quietly but with force to help us or heal us.

In this series  ” International loving ” we will take a look at some success stories, some failures, some almost but not quite stories and some love lessons too.

Although we might not be ex-patting for the sole purpose of finding love, it is an inevitable and unavoidable topic. That does not mean we should look at it in a negative light. As some of us might be focusing on personal development right now, or taking a break from dating or any involvement with other people, ( even friendships ) we might not think about love, but love,my beauties, is in fact here and everywhere.

Our first episode of  “International loving ” tells a story of two continentsfour countries and two loving souls who tried their luck at love.

Here’s what I did: I put together a very straightforward questionnaire and asked some lovely expats to join me on my blog, by telling me about their love stories abroad. So now I am able to share their stories with all of you and we can then take this and come back to it when we are doing our STEPS. So far we have taken STEP 1 to STEP 3.

Stepping out of our comfort zones into the beautiful unknown.

Packing for the long haul, cross- continental style.

“Farewell my huisie by die see and welcome to my world,world!”


So see this series of “International loving” as some useful material for your journey. We might have some hopeless romantics amongst us, so this series is for you!

Enjoy it, take in what you discover and apply it to your lives. Remember we must be kind and easy with ourselves as we glow up.

See you for our first episode of  ” International loving ” soon!

With Love and Light

From Skylar



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