“Farewell my huisie by die see and welcome to my world,world!”

It is still evening so I will salute you once again beautiful souls! It is around 9:05 p.m right now, yes it is still 10 January and I am flowing so I will keep going and glowing and writing until the proverbial ink has run out for the night.

So far we have covered STEP ONE:Stepping out of our comfort zones into the beautiful unknown.

and STEP TWO:Packing for the long haul, cross- continental style.

So, next is STEP THREE.

This is a bittersweet step. A somewhat drawn out step. For some of us it might be a painful step, while for others it will be the biggest sigh of relief. You already know it! We are unique, sculpted beings so our ways of bidding farewell to our beloved home countries will vary from getting drunk for a month on end,  to visiting every single person you have ever known, to just getting on plane without whispering a word to anyone and just updating our social media statuses with a ” traveling to ” move.

To each his and her own. This is your journey, you choose how you want to say goodbye, or as I learned along the way  how to ‘say see you soon’.

So, how do we say farewell with dignity? This would be my STEP THREE. Now, OUR STEP THREE as I aim to guide you and guard you along your powerful journey of traveling the world and your inner universe as well.

When I said “totsiens” , ( Afrikaans for goodbye with a loosely translated meaning of till the next time we see each other ) my closest friends really did outdo themselves. They made sure that we ate what I loved to eat. Drank what I loved to drink and did what I loved to do, before I left. Let’s imagine the scenario if you may. My first stint was in Saudi Arabia. No alcohol. No nightclubs. No bacon. Gender segregation. Muslim culture. Mandatory Abaya and hijab etc.= No life right?

The only thing that bothered me was the lack of pork I would have to endure as I love me some pork bangers with bacon and eggs with brown bread toast on a regular basis. I loved spare ribs with smoky bbq sauce and pork chops marinated with crushed garlic and apricot jam which can only be found in South African households. Plus rooiwyn ( red wine), I mean really, why me? Why me?

So, on the day that I had to leave, I remember eating a whole packet of Escort brand back bacon with Mrs Balls Chutney (an apricot based condiment used as sauce,marinade or accompaniment with meats,sausages and even fish and chips),  asking silently to blessed with some pork along my journey in The Gulf ( which later happened, thanks Universe for loving me and blessing me with that tasty deliciousness).

So, how do we take STEP THREE, here follows our micro steps

  • First and foremost, if you are able to and have enough time to do so, thank your parents, family members and lifelong friends for their continual support,upliftment,encouragement,understanding and well wishes. Do it frequently once you are abroad. It is needed and necessary for us to practice gratitude. As we continue with our steps you will find out why this is so important for all of us and them.
  • If you  are close to your family members or siblings, make sure to have an intimate get together with them were you just braai ( the word means to grill anything on an open fire or slow burning coals but for us, as a concept it is like a cross – cultural activity that needs no occasion or reason for us to spice some meat, drink some booze and spend time) together, sing kareoke, get drunk and wake up babalas the next day. They will appreciate it and so will you.
  • If you have a close group of friends, such as I do, organize a lekker outing to an affordable restaurant where you can down some shots ,toast to each other’s lives and truly celebrate and recognize what beautiful bonds you have and will continue to have, no matter the distancetimezone, continent, culture or circumstance.
  • If you are in a relationship and you decide to go the long distance route, I would imagine that a romantic night would need to be planned for just the two of you, so that you can bond and strengthen your relationship, by setting the foundation for a love conquers all type of love.
  • If you are a loner and have been wanting this all of your life and you do not feel comfortable telling many people, simply get things in order,and travel safe.

Some potential roadblocks or emotional speed bumps might occur, so be warned and be aware in case it arises. Remember this is a journey of growth, so some things might want to stunt us during this step.

  • Random lovers could come out of the woodwork, professing their love to you. This could cloud your bigger picture and make you want to stick around for love. The choice is always yours, but if you do decide to delay your trip, weigh up your pro’s and con’s first, okay.
  • Friends and family members MIGHT NOT come to say goodbye to you either at the airport or at your house. Two reasons. First, they also might not know how to say farewell to someone that they have grown to love and would prefer to not see you leave. Instead preserving your memory as you were, still at home, just doing your thing and awaiting your return while silently and at a distance wishing you well.  Reason two, it might be too overwhelming for them to actually let you go. Their love for you might be so big, that they themselves did not even realize it, until it was time for you to leave. This is both a growth step and an affirmation step, that you in fact matter and have made a positive impact in someone’s life,with who you can now either upgrade or let be. Again the choice is yours ,but do it out of love and with love.
  •  YOU, might be blocking your own blessings with cold feet,thoughts of doubt, pure nerves, sleepless nights, excitement or the other million of emotions you will be experiencing at the same time. Just remember that you have thought about this, you’ve got your shit in order, your passport, your medical exams and all that jazz is done, the only thing left to do, is do INTERNATIONAL YOU!

I know that STEP THREE is a big one to take, but it is also a good one to take in the right direction. You are so blessed and so fortunate to have what you have, have who you have and be able to now bring new memories and knowledge about the world into your lives and others. So make your home proud. And make yourself proud too! Keep glowing!

With Love and Light

From Skylar


A special shout out to all the wonderful souls featured in these kiekies that I chose to upload along with this post

Ek mis julle almal vrek baie.

You are all growing and glowing in your own precious worlds and I am proud to have known and grown with all of you. Lets continue our journeys, although far apart in distance, together we will remain in each others’ hearts.


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