Stepping out of our comfort zones into the beautiful unknown.

Good afternoon beautiful souls! It is 3:34 p.m, 9 January of 2019 and what an amazing 2019 it has been so far! I am sitting in front of my laptop, at my dining table in my cozy    ” apto – estudio ”  ( studio apartment) listening to the fiercely talented Shekinah´s – Different ft. Mariechan and just flowing through this Wednesday while mentally browsing through some of  my memories of when I first had to leave South Africa for an indefinite period of time.

They sing melodically: Different in my own way, rose gold baby I am my own shade baby. …You gotta know I am different yeah…different in my own way…

None of us could have said it better, I believe. If we really think about it,we are all so exquisitely unique and precious that even under our universal umbrella of being human beings, each of us are sculpted in different shades,shapes,calibers and sizes of gold baby! We are all lovablesexybeautifulbrilliantresilient pieces of gold, blessed enough to be a part of this Universe and this planet.

So we’re littt! We are glowing and always growing!

I would like to share this little golden nugget of wisdom with you on stepping out of our comfort zones. This is the first and most critical step  for those of you who wish to explore the world, who might consider moving abroad to live,work or study, for those of you who have already been doing it for a couple of years and even for those of us, like myself who have now been at it for more than five years.

These are the micro steps of STEP ONE:

  • Embrace the fact that you are different and that you want to experience something different. This might not be available in your country,city,town,community, social circle,family or relationship. Don´t worry, none of them did anything wrong, you would just like to explore more.
  • Think things through and do your homework on what you wish to do next. Many of us make the mistake of thinking  that playing tourist in several countries is the same as being a full – blown expat. These two are not friends. They don´t even like each other. They merely say hi to each other out of obligation. To travel is easy, fun and care – free as you only have a few weeks to do things that involve mostly sight- seeing, outdoor activities,pub crawling and meeting other care-free travelers. Again,there is nothing wrong with that, but that is what travelers do. Us expats have more to think about and must plan ahead. ESPECIALLY FINANCIALLY.
  • Research. Research. Research.Research and more research. If you wish to embark on your new journey of working and living abroad you must do your research. Think of the essentials such as healthcare, access to public transport,supermarkets,universities,gyms,bars restaurants and public libraries etc. You must also consider where you plan on living if you are not able to sort out your housing before you end up where you end up. The climate is also very important, as some of us do not like winter or summer weather. This can effect our experiences, health and adaptability to our new environment and our new way of living. The language and the culture is a do or die factor too. At least learn basic phrases of the country that you intend to move to. It will help you out in the long run.Regarding the cultural aspects, if you are an open-minded, free -spirited individual who loves to talk to strangers on the street, hand out hugs and positivity to everyone around you, that WILL NOT work well for you in some conservative countries, but it will work well for you in others, hence do your homework on the social norms and taboos of your chosen destination.
  • Realize this step is going to be a step forward. Even if it ends up being a fail forward, it is a step forward for you. You are being brave and taking a leap into the world so that you can experience what and who is out there. You will see, hear, feel, experience, witness and discover things you would never be able to do where you are right now.
  • Forget everything you think know or thought you knew about going overseas. Go towards it with NO expectations. Go into this with a clean slate type of mindset on international living and become culturally literate by immersing yourself into your new environment. Go have fun dammit! There are other beautiful souls who are looking forward to meeting a South African, a Ghanian, a Kenyan, a Chinese, a Zambian, a Dutch, a German,a Colombian… c´mon you get the idea, the world wants to meet the rest of the world in person and share their beautiful commonalities with each other,so no more comfort zone!

In short: STEP ONE IS to GET OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONES and step out into this beautiful diverse world that has more than 7 billion beautiful opportunities of discovery for us to indulge in.

With Love and Light

From Skylar


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Write soon!

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