The Journey Begins in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia 2012.

 Good afternoon beautiful souls, it is 2.46 p.m, 11 January 2019. –Take a peek at some random kiekies ( Afrikaans for pics or photos ) of me in the big beautiful sandpit, Saudi Arabia, with some life long friends that I had made as the years passed.

We used to have a weekly meetup where all the expats (excluding Saudi’s) would jump in SUV’s with other expats who had vehicles and drive to different deserts every Friday afternoon. We could just escape our routines, get a good hike in, cook or bbq together, take photos and just be with nature. I think these are some of my best memories as that was the first time I actually went to a desert. I felt completely in awe and admiration of how natural beauty that was seemingly dusty and scorching could also be majestic,timeless and rejuvenating.

I will keep this post short and sweet.

With Love and Light

From Skylar


Talk soon and make sure to share this with your family and friends who are currently abroad too or with those who would like to know more about living,working and traveling abroad.

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