Lao Tzu said a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

I would simply add :  ” A journey of self discovery begins with one step in the wrong direction as it leads to the right path of your true inner journey.”

Since September 2012, I have taken a multitude of steps thus far. Lets break it down into micro steps.

According to´s online calculator, I have been stepping around this beautiful planet of ours for about 2299 days. Which is also equal to 6 years, 3 months ,17 days and give or take a few hours. As I look at these numbers, I am astounded, impressed and unbelievably blessed to be able to share my experience with each and every one of you, reading this post.


We might have met each other along the way. Either during my time in The Gulf or during my time in Asia or even as recent as now while I am living and loving it here in Latin America. You might be a distant family member, an old flame, a classmate, a kind stranger who helped me randomly, a frenemy, a low-key admirer, an ex-lover, a fast friend, a neighbourhood acquaintance or just a curious mind. Curiosity is great!

We might not ever have met but that does not mean that we can not experience parts of  each other´s journeys together. Thanks to the world wide web, we are just a click´s distance. So we are able to connect in some form or another. Anything is possible!

Whoever you are,beautiful soul, and wherever you are,welcome and thank you for being in my life. You adorn my journey with character,lessons,blessings and so much more!

So, as I was saying, I have taken a multitude of steps thus far and it has brought me to a point in my journey where I would like to share some of  the steps with you. Some major steps,some mini steps, some micro steps and many many missteps too.

With this first blog post of my ( and your) 2019, I am stepping out of my head and into my greatness,which has many forms,might I add. My first love though, is writing. And write is what I will do. Be it poorly, be it riddled with grammatical errors,misspelled words,poor punctuation,badly structured paragraphs,or just yucky writing. I will write.

I am write. Write will I. You get me?

Stay tuned for more and do share this with anyone you think  who might take a liking to this delicious journey of self discovery.

With love and light

From Skylar


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